Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Be The Reds!

That's one of the common slogans of the many Red Devils T-shirt designs. Today when I asked what it meant, I think the explanation was something like it's an urging for others to take on the red and cheer for Korea. Apparently red is a color of good luck (I think originating from the one of Korea's agricultural staples, the long red pepper. Back in the day, a string of red peppers would hang in front of a house to brag to the whole block that house just had a baby boy born.). The color red is also supposed to dispel bad luck. My co-teachers were confused for a second that along with a color of such good fortune and mojo , why the mascot was a devil. Devils, ghosts, boogeymen aren't appreciated much out here.

Anyway, I speak of the Red Devils because Kristofer mentioned them in his blog. He mentioned that being a World Cup virgin, he could pick any team unless his country was participating. Yeah, I think generally that's how it goes, if your country is participating, that's your team. Unless of course, your team is America in which case it seems to be ok to have divided loyalties. In Korea, no such luck. I think people would understand if I was a glutton for disappointment, that I cheered for the American team. But people wouldn't be too happy if I cheered for Japan or any team other than Korea's team. It's serious out here. It is the topic of many prayers at my school.

Still, it's nice to be part of the home team. In all my time here I have always referred to Korea as "Korea." When I speak to people I just say, "Here in Korea..." or "Korean people..." That's even when I speak in Korean. It's strange because here everyone says, "Our Country," and "Our Country People/The People of Our Country." I'm not a part of the "Our" or "We." Until the World Cup. It's that "Be the Reds" motto that ensures if you know the rehearsed songs, dances, and claps for the time being you can get away with being a part of the "Our."

Dae~~~ Han Min Kook! Clap-clap, clap-clap, clap!


At 21/6/06 10:54 PM, Blogger ahjuhot said...

im reppin u on that!!! goooooooo COREEEEEAA

(and brasil!)


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