Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Passing the torch. . .

so now that the Watson World Tour 2005-2006 has officially come to an end, i would like to take this time to formally pass the torch to the next generation of wicked world travelers. I'd also like to give everyone on this team a heads up. I've just invited all 46 other 2005-2006 Watson Fellows to this community to join us in sharing stories, music, knowledge, and all that other great stuff that comes with traveling. it's been my vision since we launched this back in july of last year to make this space as big as possible. I only hope that the other fellows take me up on the offer. Even though many of us are getting ready to settle, rather than packing up and traveling again. . .the collective knowledge that we all share can be a huge help to those out in the world right now. So lets see how this all works out.

To those newbie traveling beans out there now-enjoy seeing the world with naked eyes. It's a rare opportunity and it's a once in a life time opportunity. Live like you mean it and live it to the max.


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